Thursday, February 26, 2009

Concerns over aluminum leaching into your water: answered

My last post's article mentioned the concern that a metal bottle could cause health problems such as Alzheimer's. The article explained that there is, however, lining inside the bottles that prevents any leaching of materials into the drink. As long as the lining is BPA-free or plastic-free, we should feel safe using a lined metal bottle.

Yet one of my blog followers has emailed me:
"How about a post describing the effect of drinking from (aluminum bottles)- it's sort of like the chewing on tinfoil feeling. What about the dangers of that?"

I have two sources to answer this question.
1) The following website compares the safety of Sigg and Klean Kanteen metal bottles to Nalgene plastic containers. The article dismisses worries that Klean Kanteens' stainless steel will leach into drinks, and praises the durability of the REI product to boot (my aluminum Sigg is dented; apparently steel Klean Kanteens just don't dent so easily). As for Sigg aluminum bottles with plastic caps, the article skeptically comments on Siggs' "unspecified (but they swear it's safe!) proprietary enamel-type coating." 2 points for Klean Kanteen, - 2 points for Sigg

(And to answer the blogger's concern, the writer adds, "I was sort of surprised by how much I felt like I was going to chip a tooth with the Klean Kanteen but not at all with the Sigg or a Nalgene"). That's the closest you'll come to feeling like you're chewing tinfoil. 2 points for Sigg

2) Julia Girdler, founder and president of H2Ox2 has emailed me, "Basically, drinking from aluminum would be a very bad thing. But I feel 100% comfortable with Sigg." Julia, meticulously researching this topic, trusts the safety and quality of the liners in Sigg containers. Julia's blog, illustrates her credibility on the subject. She also emailed me Sigg's statement on the quality of their liners- thanks Julia! another 2 points for Sigg


  1. This is an old article now, but just in case others stumble across it like I did, I thought I'm mention that it turns out that Sigg bottles actually did have BPA in their liners. Turns out they were being cagey with their wording about BPA when they insisted that no BPA leaches from their liner - not that it was actually BPA-free, which is what they were implying and what people were believing. They have since changed their liner so that it is supposedly BPA-free, but you'll never see me buying one of their products. I was suspicious of their reluctance to tell people what was in their original liner so I steered clear. Turns out my hunch was right. -100 points for Sigg.